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Modular Kitchen

The woes of a regular carpenter kitchen are many; you never have enough storage for your kitchen appliances, there are way too many drawers and cabinets (none of them are of the right size!), the kitchen gets dirty, steamy and smelly within hours and you just don’t have enough space to cook effectively. To add to all of it, the kitchen looks shabby, the colour of the shelves never matches that of the walls and people who find their way into your kitchen during parties quickly turn towards the nearest exit. If you are suffering from any of these kitchen ailments, here are a few good reasons for you to switch over to SM Modular Kitchens NOW!

Clever space management

SM Modular kitchens come with a huge array of innovative space utilization solutions. The clever storage options enable you to fit your kitchen appliances along the wall and shelves, drawers, cabinets, inside pull outs, racks and even hanging chambers. In fact, some drawers are engineered specifically to store glasses, spoons and other delicate cutlery.

Tailor-made for your needs

SM Modular kitchens are extremely flexible when it comes to customising them for their style, size and material. You can colour co-ordinate the entire modular to contrast with the rest of your home décor and interiors. You can cherry pick from an array of chic designs, styles and patterns which suit your preferences and aesthetic sense.

User friendly

SM Modular kitchens are fitted to suit the space and architecture of your home, are extremely easy to assemble and can be installed within hours. In fact, they are so flexible, that you can move and install the set up anywhere, especially when you are shifting houses regularly.

Easy to maintain

SM Modular kitchens allow you to separate the kitchen area for cleaning and cooking without it appearing like two distinguishable parts of a whole. In fact, due to theirstyle of production and high quality material, it is extremely easy to wipe off oil or turmeric stains from their counter tops. Thus, a modular set-up de-clutters your kitchen space, making it organised, clean and simple to work at. They come with exhausts and chimneys, thus reducing the steam and smell in the kitchen.

Easy after-sales service

SM Modular kitchens are made in a state-of-the art factory and therefore you get several servicing options from us which are extremely prompt in resolving your problems and ensuring that you remain satisfied with your modular set up. Thus it can be concluded that SM Modular Kitchens are a smart option for all your kitchen needs as their high quality, innovative design and stylish features ensure durability and enable you to cook efficiently and reduce your long term costs on repairs, cleaning and possible hazards.

" Innovation meets Affordability "

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SM Modular Kitchen pioneered the way kitchen fittings have been sold in Nagpur for over the past 10 Years.

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